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Diabetes and Circulation

If you are diabetic, you already understand how necessary it is to have a foot care plan. Having a good diabetic foot care plan can help reduce the effects diabetes has on your circulatory system. Poor circulation means infections and wounds heal slower. The main cause for Diabetic ulcers is nerve damage. When nerves are damaged, feeling and sensation are impaired, rubbing and pressure are not felt and damaged to your feet can go unnoticed.

How does diabetes effect your circulatory system?

High blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels which can lead to plaque forming in the blood vessels making them unable to deliver enough blood.

What are the symptoms of poor circulation?

  • Dull, cramping pain in the calves.
  • Numbness or tingling in the feet and toes.
  • Change in skin color
  • Cold feet
  • Sores and cuts heal more slowly

Already have poor circulation?

It is important that you take special care of your feet to avoid amputation.

  • check your feet every day for cuts and wounds.
  • Corns and calluses should be carefully removed
  • Make sure to moisturize your hands and feet. Dry skin can crack and peel, causing open sores.

If you need a diabetic foot care plan to protect your feet diabetic foot exam, or are seekingtreatment to improve circulation on your feet. Contact our team at Prairie Foot and Ankle.